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Announcing the new Shodan Exploits

The Shodan Exploits website has received a major facelift in the user-interface and a complete rewrite on the server! For the past year, the majority of my time has been spent upgrading the backend and collecting data faster, better, stronger. And the actual website hasn’t received the amount of attention I think it deserves. I hope to change that over the next few months as I roll out updates to existing services, such as Shodan Exploits, as well as releasing new services.

welcomeThe initial layout is very similar to the old version: minimalistic and easy to use. The CSS is based on the Bootstrap 2 framework, though it’s been heavily modified to give it a unique look. And it also tries to use some HTML5 features when possible, such as autofocus and preloading of websites. Shodan has always been a fun project for me because I get to learn new technologies and create something useful with them; Shodan Exploits has let me experiment with HTML5, uWSGI’s emperor mode and improving the way I serve static content.

The search query interface has also received updates, most notably it’s possible to search for all of the fields that are provided by ExploitDB or Metasploit; i.e. all of the data I collect for the various sources is now properly normalized.

search-resultsI’m still in the process of updating the API libraries for Shodan Exploits, but that’s also received some improvements so you only need to hit a single URL and the code for a vulnerability is included in the search results. Hopefully, the new interface will make it easier to find the exploits you want and please let me know if there are things you’d like to see me add!