Telnet is dead. Long live Telnet!

Telnet just doesn’t seem to die, and with millions of devices on the Internet still running it I don’t expect it to go away anytime soon. In fact, new products often use Telnet as an easy way to enable remote access to their device (see To better keep track of which features the Telnet servers of the Internet support, the banners for Telnet now also include information about which options were negotiated during the initial connection:


In addition to the banner, you can now access the dodontwillwont options that the Telnet server supports. You’ll also be able to facet on these properties once the next API update comes out, which will make it easy to get a feel for how Telnet usage changes over time. Hopefully, more secure options will become easier to work with for the average developer and we’ll see fewer Telnet in the coming years.

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