Keeping Track of How You Manage Your Server

A lot of people prefer to avoid the terminal and instead want a user-friendly web interface to manage their server. So to determine which solution is the most popular Shodan has started to crawl the Internet for cPanel (2082, 2083), WHM (2086, 2087) and Webmin (10000)! The banners are all fairly standard HTTP(S) responses so I won’t show those, but lets take a look at who runs what and how they compare.



The majority of devices are located in the United States (117,000) followed by Canada (9,000) and the United Kingdom (7,000). So cPanel is definitely way more popular in the US than anywhere else. And it’s especially popular at the hosting provider Unified Layer, which is responsible for 21,000 of those US installations.

cPanel Report   Shodan



There are fewer Webmin instances on the Internet than cPanel, but the distribution of them is wider across the globe; i.e. it’s not as US-centric as cPanel. The US still leads with 38,000 instances, but not that much more compared to the following countries France (11,400) and Germany (11,000). In terms of hosting providers though there is once again a standout: OVH. Their organization accounts for roughly 10,000 of the installed Webmin instances.

Webmin Report   Shodan

Web Host Manager (WHM)


WHM is a bit different in that it is the software to manage cPanel accounts. This effectively gives us a measurement of which devices are being used by re-sellers. Unsurprisingly, the distribution of devices in terms of countries and organizations is very similar to cPanel. US with 97,000 devices, followed by Canada (9,000) and the UK (7,000) once again.

WHM Report   Shodan

Call for Ports

Am I missing some ports or services? Is there something you’d like to see Shodan crawl? Then let me know and send me an email ( or tweet at me (@achillean) with the ports that you’d like me to add!

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