Shodan Add-on for Firefox

It’s now possible to see what information Shodan has available on a server from within Firefox thanks to the new Shodan add-on created by @PaulWebSec and @romainletendart! It’s a minimalistic yet powerful add-on to see what the website you’re visiting is exposing to the Internet. And the add-on will also tell you other information about the IP, for example who owns the IP space (organization), where it’s located and if possible the operating system it’s running. You can download the add-on from here:

And once you have it installed, you just need to click on the small Shodan icon to get an overview of what services that server is running on the Internet:


And what’s really cool is that the authors of the add-on made the code available at the following GitHub repository:

So if you have ideas, feedback or other suggestions on making it better just submit an issue or submit a pull request! And once again a big thank you to @PaulWebSec and @romainletendart for creating and sharing the add-on!

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