Introducing Shodan Reports

As some of you have already seen, I’ve been working on a revamped version of Shodan. It already has some cool new enhancements over the current website, such as support for CSV and JSON exports, prettier search listing, faster results, better integration with Shodan Exploits/ Maps and a lot of small tweaks to make life easier.

The latest feature that I’m adding is Shodan Reports:


To get a feel for what I’m talking about, please check out the following example report on Industrial Control Systems:

A report is a snapshot and overview of the search results at the time of report creation. At the moment, it creates a bunch of charts/ graphs for breakdowns on: location, organization, operating system, product, hostname and many more (see the developer documentation for a list of all facets). The purpose for reports is 3-fold:

  1. Pretty Overview That You Can Share
    You should be able to get a basic feel for the devices in the search results just from looking at the report. And if you’re interested in the details, you can perform a live search to get a listing of actual results. Reports are meant to be accessible!
  2. Tracking Results Over Time
    As mentioned earlier, reports are snapshots of the search results as Shodan sees them at the moment. You can create reports every few months to see how things are changing over time (this might actually be built into Shodan Reports as well)
    The old website has bookmarks (there’s a small star icon at the top of the search results) but it was rarely used and didn’t offer much that browser bookmarks didn’t. I’m hoping that these reports will provide a prettier bookmarking mechanism that’s also more useful!

Alright, you’re sold on reports and want to give it a shot yourself – here is how.

  1. Login to Shodan and perform a search. For example: Webcams
  2. Click on “Create Report” and give your report a title such as “Webcams of the World”Server  SQ WEBCAM   Shodan Search
  3. You will be redirected to the page that will list all your reportsShodan-report-start
  4. Now just wait a few minutes for Shodan to generate your report, you will receive an email when it’s done! Once it’s ready, you can follow the link and you should see something like:Shodan-sample
  5. And you can always find a list of all the reports you’ve generated by clicking on the chart icon in the top right cornerShodan-list

I created it because I needed a friendlier way to share search results and I got tired of manually generating my charts for blog posts 🙂 It’s very simple and straight-forward to create reports so give it a try and let me know what you think!


    • achillean

      I might bring them back, though I’d prefer to have some additional functionality otherwise why not use browser bookmarks for your searches?

      • Marten Jerry

        bro you dont accept anymore credit card i cant used paypal because its not linked here

        tell me about that


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