Shodan Plugin for Chrome

I’ve just released a new plugin for Chrome browser that lets you see what data Shodan has available for the website you’re currently visiting. This information includes the IP, hostnames (as determined via PTR lookups), location of the server (city, country), operating system, organization that owns the IP space as well as a list of open ports. As soon as you visit a website, it automatically asks the Shodan API (hence the permission requirement) for all that information and then compiles it into a small pop-up that you can view when clicking on the Shodan icon next to the address bar:


The pop-up for the Shodan plugin is as simple as possible, which also means it doesn’t show the full banners for every port. There wasn’t enough room to fit everything in, especially for some of the hosts that have tons of ports open. I’m looking to find a way to show all of that information and more in future releases! For now, I’m happy to finally have a way to quickly see who’s hosting a website (the hostname often gives that away) and if they’re running some unusual services publicly. Oh, and if you see a dark blue square that means it can be opened by your browser and will open up a new tab with the IP:port if you click on it (in case you want to see what it shows when you access the webserver via its IP instead of hostname).

Go download the plugin and let me know what you think!


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