Shodan + Maltego

The Shodan add-on for Maltego has received a facelift and has been re-launched on the domain:

Shodan Maltego Add On

For those not yet familiar with Maltego, it’s “an open source intelligence and forensics application.” Essentially, it lets you visually explore and correlate data from a variety of sources. Paterva offers a free version that you can download from:

The Shodan add-on for Maltego provides a few new transforms, and some more are in development:

  • searchShodan
  • searchShodanByDomain
  • searchShodanByNetblock
  • toShodanHost
  • searchExploits

Here’s an example of how it looks when you perform a searchShodan transform on a phrase called microsoft iis, effectively searching Shodan for servers running Microsoft IIS, and then performing a toShodanHost transform on all of the results:

Shodan + Maltego Screenshot

Give it a try and let me know what you think! And if there are new transforms/ improvements that you would like to see please contact me through the comments, Twitter or at my email (


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