Masscan Support for Scanhub

The main purpose of Scanhub is to provide an easy way to create a search engine out of raw network scans. Nmap is the most common and famous tool for such a job, but there are some new kids on the block that fill a different niche and Masscan is the first of the new breed of scanning tools that Scanhub now supports thanks to the help from @andrewsmhay. Masscan provides a fast way to scan the entire Internet on your own and with Scanhub you can make that data searchable for yourself and others. The only thing to note is that the XML from Masscan isn’t as full-featured as an Nmap scan, so you won’t be seeing as much summary information as you would if you uploaded an Nmap XML file (i.e. no breakdown of operating systems, domains, traceroutes and fewer banners). That being said, to get started with Scanhub + Masscan simply set your Masscan tool to output in XML format using -oX scan.xml and upload that file to your Scanhub repository.


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